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Many people believe that cognitive decline is inevitable- that it is just what happens as we begin to age. Current research is showing that not only is dementia preventable, but it may be possible to level out or even reverse some of the ravaging effects of it as well.

Grandfather looking to improve his dementia to spend more time with family. Reversing dementia.

When was your last brain checkup?

We get annual exams to screen for many physical diseases, why not for our brain? A cognoscopy is a term coined by Dr. Dale Bredesen, founder of the Buck Institute at UCLA and creator of the ReCODE protocol. It is a series of tests, that helps determine your current brain health, and allows for early intervention to help reduce the possibility of cognitive decline. Since Alzheimer's disease often starts decades prior to symptoms beginning to show, having annual cognitive checkups can provide an enormous amount of benefit in early detection of many types of cognitive decline. 

What common symptoms of poor brain health are you experiencing?

  • Brain fog

  • Sluggishness

  • Forgetfulness

  • Frustration

  • Paranoia

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Not performing at your peak at your job

  • Forgetting important events

  • Losing precious time with family and friends?

  • Frustration with the dementia diagnosis of a loved one only to be told there is nothing that can be done?


 The human body is a complex machine. Often times multiple systems are affected that contribute to issues with cognition. This is why the current efforts of trying to find a singular drug to treat a multi system problem have been failing.  At the Maryland Center for Brain Health, we address the brain as part of a whole system, and our interventions reflect that. 

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What we can assist you with:

Mild cognitive decline

Dementia including

   - Alzheimer's

   - Lewy Body disease

   - Vascular Dementia

   - Frontotemporal 

   - Mixed Dementia

Concussions due to:

   - Sports

   - Car injuries

   - Workplace 


Inflammatory diseases such as:

   - Autoimmune diseases

   - Lyme disease

   - Poor gut health

Improving performance at work

Increasing concentration


Reducing brain fog

Person contemplating how to improve their memory and prevent dementia

What you will receive:

Personalized coaching tailored to your individual Roadmap Report.


Multi modal approach. We are not just going to give you a pill and send you on your way.

Comprehensive blood panel.

Step by step guidance through The Enhance Protocol.


1 on 1 sessions spent with our coaches.


Demonstrated decrease of decline and often increase in cognitive functioning with implementation of The Enhance Protocol®


Research backed interventions with proven success.


Sucess Story

"Lindsey, we know the hurdles you have encountered and wanted to thank you for your patience and diligence. Mr. Soleskey is the benefactor of your endurance!"       

-Ray Soleskey

Our protocol is not limited to those who already have been told they have cognitive decline, or have received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Have you noticed increased brain fog, or personality changes? Or maybe you simply want to perform at your highest level? There is no right age to begin focusing on brain health. Whatever stage in life you are, we are here to assist you in regaining what has been lost. 

What we offer:

Memory Coach will help you sharpen your brain and improve memory

Individualized Protocol

Based on your personal health history and labwork, a custom Roadmap Report will be generated just for you.  When combined with individual coaching and therapy devices will help you truly optimize your brain health.

Person caring for someone with dementia

Customized Support

Whatever your need, be it  education on how to help a loved one with dementia, or finding answers to your own cognitive concerns, Maryland Center for Brain Health is your compassionate resource to aide you in achieving your 


Aiding someone in concussion recovery

Personal Coaching

Our coaches will aide you implement the personalized recommendations of your Enhance Protocol Roadmap Report, track your success, coordinate any special needs you may have, problem solve and provide resources.


No two people are alike, so why should your health plan be?


Your genetics, environment, hormones, nutrition, exercise habits, and exposure to chemicals are all pieces of the puzzle that make up your experiences and subsequently, your brain health. Thus, they should all be taken into account when developing any sort of prevention plan or interventions. We also know that not everyone is ready to jump right into The Enhance Protocol®, so we have a wide array of options to help fit your current needs.


Support and Coaching Services can include:

  • The Enhance Protocol®

  • Cognitive Evaluations

  • Life & Health History Review

  • Care Partner Education & Coaching

  • Resourcing

  • Care Plan Consultation & Guidance

  • Educational Programming

  • Therapeutic Modalities


We are here to support you on your journey to better health. Will you choose the path to a thriving mind?

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