Women Over 50 Summit

Welcome!  Thank you so much for attending the Women Over 50 Summit. We hope you found our information valuable and insightful, and we welcome the opportunity to learn more about you! For those who attended the Summit or signed up for the recordings, we are offering a significant discount of $500 off of our Enhance Protocol, your best bet at preventing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Offer will expire on 12/31/21.

For a limited time, we will also extend this discount to any family member who may be currently diagnosed with any form of mild cognitive impairment or dementia. 

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We are on a mission to flip the script that over 3/4 of those diagnosed with dementia are women. It is never to early to start thinking about protecting your greatest asset: your mind. Whether you are already experiencing brain fog, are concerned about a family history of dementia, or just want to be empowered with the knowledge of steps you can take to prevent cognitive decline, we are here to guide you. 


Every woman has a journey, and we want yours to be a long and fulfilling one. Take advantage of these incredible savings to begin your path to a thriving mind.