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Maryland Center for Brain Health utilizes an integrative, research-based approach  to guide you in optimizing your brain health for improved performance, mental clarity, and quality of life.

Have you been diagnosed with a concussion? Traumatic brain injury? Experiencing brain fog or cognitive decline?

Have you noticed an increase in:

  • Brain fog

  • Sluggishness

  • Forgetfulness

  • Frustration

  • Paranoia

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Not performing at your peak at your job

  • Forgetting important events

  • Losing precious time with family and friends?

  • Frustration with the dementia diagnosis of a loved one only to be told there is nothing that can be done?

Are any of these keeping you from living your best life? Or perhaps you have noticed a loved one starting to struggle?

Contact us now for your free, no obligation, plan-of-action call to start learning what you can do to improve your memory, reduce brain fog and prevent cognitive decline.

Better Brain Health to give you quality time with those that mean the most. 

Have you experienced your quality of life or that of a loved one slowly deteriorate, and possibly been told that there is nothing you can do to prevent or reverse cognitive decline once it starts?

Do you think you are too young to start thinking about your brain health?

Are you concerned you will start to lose previous quality time with those you love?

Has your job become a struggle? Is your mom forgetting the names of her grandchildren? Has grandpa gotten lost coming home more than once?

Maybe you just feel like everything is suddenly harder than it used to be. But hey, That's what happens when you age right?

It doesn't have to be.

The Maryland Center for Brain Health is a resource you can turn to for the latest research, therapeutic devices, guidance, programs, and insight necessary to give you back the life you have lost!

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Let us be your guide to better brain health and a higher quality of living!

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When surveying adults, the top fears of ageing were:

1. Losing their independence

2. Deteriorating Health

3. Getting Alzheimer's Disease

4. Running out of money

5. Inability to manage their own life

What do all of these fears have in common? Losing ones' memory and declining brain health.

Like you, we are frustrated at the lack of options and education regarding the prevention and treatment of cognitive decline. Nobody should have to experience watching themselves or a loved one slip away due to dementia.

The Enhance Protocol was created from decades of research and studies regarding the latest interventions for improving brain health. It has currently  helped hundreds of individuals and families regain their independence , health and quality of life. 

The earlier you get started, and the earlier you identify risk factors, the more likely you are to find success. 

Our Mission 

The Maryland Center for Brain Health is on a mission to save as many brains as possible. We  specialize in the prevention and recovery of cognitive disorders including Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, concussions, TBI, and many more.


We know that time is a precious commodity, and our mission is to assist our clients with having as much quality time as possible. Whether you are looking for yourself, a loved one, your residents or patients, we can help you have a better present and a brighter future.

Since 2014, our founder Lindsey's mission has been to guide clients in overcoming their most challenging obstacles and start living happier and healthier lives. Her extensive experience means she is fully equipped to guide, support and assist you in regaining the life you clearly deserve.

As a licensed PTA, Certified Dementia Care Practitioner and Certified Memory Coach, her aim is to lead you down the path for you to achieve a thriving mind. It's time to start nurturing your brain and body again---

Embrace your health!

Lindsey McCormick, Found of the Maryland Center For Brain Health

Contact us now for your free, no obligation, plan-of-action call to start learning what you can do to improve your memory, reduce brain fog and prevent cognitive decline.