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While most aspects of the Enhance Protocol can be done remotely, it can be difficult to gain the full benefit without use of some of the brain studio devices. If you are not on the East Coast and would like more access to in person coaching, please check out our affiliate studios across the country.

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  • The initial thrust of The Enhance Protocol comes from the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen and his NYT best seller, The End of Alzheimer’s. Dr. Bredesen, a neurologist and leading researcher on Alzheimer’s Dementia, established the ReCODE protocol for treating dementia in 2014. His ReCODE Protocol offers a programmatic approach (several interventions working in concert) to improve the signaling pathways that predict cognitive dysfunction. Though Dr. Bredesen was one of the first physician-researchers to establish a protocol, he is not alone. There are many physicians who have joined the effort of addressing cognitive decline with a systematic approach.


  • Dr. Richard Isaacson is the Medical Director for the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell University in New York, and the director of the Neurology Residency Training Program. Because Alzheimer’s Disease begins in the brain 20-30 years before the first symptoms of memory loss[ii], Dr. Isaacson developed the Alzheimer’s Universe ( Like Dr. Bredesen, his goal is to foster awareness of the various interventions that can be employed to address or prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Dementia.


  • Dr. Mark Gordon is a board-certified family practice physician with advanced training in interventional endocrinology. Dr. Gordon has been instrumental in promoting the recognition of traumatic brain injury as a cause of hormone deficiency. He has been featured on the hallmarked presentation ESPN Outside the Lines (January 2007), and he has been an outspoke advocate for veterans with traumatic brain injuries with associated post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Gordon has been a returned guest on the Joe Rogan Experience (Episodes #438, #574, #700, and #1589) to discuss the growing support that PTSD (also referred to a Combat Trauma Syndrome) and other common mood and psychological disorders are the late manifestation of hormone deficiency following repeated concussions and various degrees of traumatic brain injury (TBI).


  • Dr. Mark Hyman is the Head of Strategy and Innovation of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine.  He wrote The UltraMind Solution and directs a podcast providing insight on how individuals can sharpen the mind as they age.


  • Dr. Perlmutter is a Board-Certified Neurologist, a five-time New York Times bestselling author, and a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Many of his books, including Grain Brain, and Brain Maker have changed the way consumers look at diet, aging, and cognitive dysfunction. His insights have influenced the concepts synthesized at the Maryland Center for Brain Health.



  • Dr. Daniel Amen is a leader and innovator of brain health who launched the Amen Clinics, teaching about the diagnostic value of SPECT scans.  His book, Memory Rescue, teaches interventions to avoid memory loss during aging, but also the restoration of memory that may have already been lost!


  • Dr. Warren Willey, Medical Director of Physicians Optimal Health and The Fitness Medicine Clinic, has written extensively about the impact of diet and lifestyle for weight loss, the maintenance of muscle mass and metabolism and healthy aging. Dr. Willey has been a business partner with the medical director at the Maryland Center for Brain Health for many years. He has spent a lifetime teaching his community the difference between disease management and health optimization. Dr. Willey is a beacon of clarity on how lifestyle and supplements can contribute to improved physical health and cognitive improvement.


  • Many other doctors, naturopathic physicians, dieticians, and clinical experts teach Alzheimer’s prevention strategies and help to reduce the burden for caregivers who have been tasked to care for those with a dementia diagnosis.