Who We Are 

Lindsey McCormick Founder of the Maryland Center for Brain Health

It all started with a song

Lindsey's first job fresh out of PTA school is where the initial seeds of what would become the Maryland Center for Brain Health would begin to grow, at an assisted living community that specialized in residents diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

One of her favorite patients there was also one of her most challenging. A lovely gentleman dealing with Alzheimer’s who had suddenly stopped wanting to walk-putting immense strain on his caregivers. The regular interventions simply were not working, and required an innovative, out the box approach.  


Through trial and error, and the song “Danny Boy”, she was able to get him to stand long enough to sing. Through this, he was able to regain back enough strength and balance to assist his caregivers with standing and transferring.  This experience made her think that maybe there was more we could do for those suffering from the ravages of neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s than was currently being done.

Years later, she would be introduced to two incredible people who have been on the cutting edge of the latest cognitive research regarding the prevention and treatment of dementia, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive issue including concussions and depression. Eric and Randy started our partner company, A Mind For All Seasons, and developed The Enhance Protocol, a phenomenal program for helping you operate your mind at peak potential. Having trained as a memory coach under them and their insightful mentorship, Lindsey is excited to be able to offer these services on the East Coast.

Initial consultations are free. Call and see how we can guide you in achieving your optimal brain health to lead a stronger, more empowered and healthy life.

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Meet The Team

Lindsey McCormick 

Founder of Maryland Center for Brain Health 

 PTA, CDCP, Certified Memory Coach

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Eric Collett

Principal & CEO of A Mind For All Seasons®, LLC

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Randy Vawdrey

NP-C, Principal & CMO at A Mind For All Seasons®, LLC

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