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Lindsey McCormick Founder of the Maryland Center for Brain Health


Lindsey's first job fresh out of PTA school is where the initial seeds of what would become the Maryland Center for Brain Health would begin to grow, at an assisted living community that specialized in residents diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

During 2020, she came to learn about a small clinic in Boise, Idaho who was doing revolutionary things and on the cutting edge of the latest cognitive research regarding the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases including various types of dementia, concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and more. They helped develop an exciting new program called The Enhance Protocol®, a phenomenal guide to helping individual's operate their mind at peak potential.

The more she learned about this protocol, the more she realized it was combined many of the elements she had been trying to teach her clients over the years separately, organizing them into a detailed and individualized protocol for each client. Now, we can lay out a personalized roadmap towards preventing and treating their own cognitive decline, or that of a loved one. Lindsey knew right away that this was something she wanted to bring to the East Coast, so she approached them about licensing their protocol and began her training.


Having trained as a memory coach under them and their insightful mentorship, she is excited to be able to offer these services in Maryland and the surrounding region. The Maryland Center for Brain Health offers a truly  holistic approach to the treatment and prevention of cognitive decline. Looking at the entire body system, we can identify  contributing factors to an individual's cognitive concerns, and precisely what steps can be taken to improve one's brain health.

Initial consultations are free. Schedule one today see how we can guide you in achieving your optimal brain health to lead a stronger, more empowered and healthy life.

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Meet The Team

Lindsey McCormick Founder of the Maryland Center for Brain Health

Lindsey McCormick 

Founder of Maryland Center for Brain Health 

 PTA, CDCP, Certified Memory Coach

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Eric Collett Founder of A Mind for All Seasons

Eric Collett

Co-Creator of the Enhance Protocol


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Randy Vawdry Medical Director at A Mind for All Seasons

Randy Vawdrey

NP-C,  CMO for Maryland Center for Brain Health

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