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Success Stories

Dave and Debbie Jensen

"I am stronger..I can see better...I can hear better...It's real. We believe it and we are living it."- Dave

"I got my husband back. He engages in conversation and plays with the grandkids. It's been remarkable. It's worth it." - Debbie

Enhance Protocol Testimonials how the protocol helped to reverse dementia.

Buddy Houston

"Lindsey, thank you for your exceptional patient care. Because of you I truly believe I was able to recover faster and more effectively. Your passion and knowledge sets you apart from all others. 

Testimonial regarding working with Lindsey McCormick

Jenn Reese

"I've had 3 diagnosed concussions. I could not even focus for 3 seconds. I'm not only getting back what I lost from this concussion, but I'm returning to what I was pre the other concussions. I'm me again"- Jenn

Testimonial on how our concussion protocol has helped her improve her memory

Cindy Houston

"Thank you so much for all your help-I truly appreciate it"- Cindy Houston

Testimonial on working with Lindsey McCormick and improving her health


"Lindsey, I can't thank you enough for the amazing job you did with our "Stepping Out" class. I believe you truly got through to them and they learned a lot. Thanks again!- Victoria, Frederick Council on Aging

Testimonial on Lindsey McCormick teaching at Senior Center

Traci Beagley

"My sleep habits have improved as well as my brain fog in just a few short weeks.”- Traci

Traci testimonial on how she improved her brain fog

Ray and Joe Solesky

"Lindsey, we know the hurdles you have encountered and wanted to thank you for your patience and diligence. Mr. Soleskey is the benefactor of your endurance!"        -Ray Soleskey

Testimonials on working with Lindsey McCormick

Terri Givens

"Lindsey, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that our paths crossed. I am so glad you were there to assist in my recovery"- Terry Givens

Testimonial on working with Lindsey McCormick

The Spears Family

"Doing everything in this program has been a gift"- Suzy

"I feel like I got my mom back...it's incredible to see where she is"- Ally

"When I leave for work in the morning, I'm not worried about her during the day...she's self sufficient at home and it's a big piece of mind for me." - Brenden

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