Meet Our Team

Lindsey McCormick Founder of the Maryland Center for Brain Health

Lindsey McCormick

Lindsey McCormick, Founder of the Maryland Center for Brain Health, has always been passionate about changing lives. Graduating with her BA from the University of California, Irvine, her early career working in theatre led her to start a non-profit theatre company whose mission was to bring awareness and change to social issues. Upon going back to school and changing careers into health care, she has had one focus: making people feel better and improve their health circumstances.

Throughout her career as a PTA, she learned quickly that older adults were one of the most fascinating groups of people to work with, and often the most misunderstood. She never bought into the concept that it was our destiny to struggle to get off the couch, be confined to using a walker, or struggle with cognitive issues. She fueled that desire to educate as many people as she could by presenting and lecturing at Senior Centers and numerous assisted living communities in Maryland.  

Working as a PTA, she saw first hand how exercise is the number one fuel for the brain, and taught exercise, dance and Tai Chi classes to seniors to improve movement, strength and mental well-being. As a certified dementia care specialist and memory coach, Lindsey enjoys presenting and providing education to those who are interested in prevention of cognitive decline, and those currently diagnosed. She is excited to bring these research-based interventions to the East Coast and teach people that a dementia diagnosis does not mean all hope is lost.

Eric Collett Founder of A Mind for All Seasons

Eric Collett

Eric Collett, Principal & CEO of A Mind For All Seasons, LLC, is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant and dementia expert, a licensed ALF administrator, and teaches about dementia at the college level. Eric passionately believes that lifelong learning is a key to finding powerful new solutions to significant challenges and has worked since 2000 to change lives through innovative dementia care techniques and leadership strategies. Prior to starting A Mind For All Seasons, Eric worked in traditional assisted living as a program director and executive director for 9 years, then spent almost seven years as the Executive Director of a memory care community where he developed innovative approaches to person-centered care that made a significant difference in how persons living with dementia experience the world. Eric has served on the board of the Idaho Healthcare Association and currently chairs the education committee. He previously served as a board member and chairman of Alzheimer’s Idaho, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


Eric graduated summa cum laude from the University of Utah with a degree in interpersonal communication and a minor in psychology. His training and experience make him uniquely suited to study the complex behavioral patterns of persons living with dementia and help others understand those patterns. Eric also has extensive training in music and frequently uses music in his work.

Randy Vawdry Medical Director of the Maryland Cetner for Brain Health and A Mind for All Seasons

Randy Vawdrey

Randy Vawdrey, NP-C, Principal & CMO, is a nurse practitioner with extensive experience in hospital, skilled nursing, psychiatric care and primary care settings. He joined A Mind For All Seasons, LLC in 2017 to collaborate on the production, training and delivery of assessment tools and treatment protocols that improve the lives and functional capacity of those living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia. Randy’s endeavors have formed the bulk of the Enhance Protocol,  A Mind For All Seasons’ signature product. Much of his work has been influenced by the research of Dale Bredesen, MD, a pioneering neurologist and Alzheimer’s researcher from whom Randy has received training in techniques to improve cognitive functioning.

In addition to his duties with A Mind For All Seasons, Randy runs a busy clinical practice in family medicine and mental health three days a week in Pocatello, Idaho. His practice affords him many opportunities to help people improve cognitive functioning while also managing common health challenges like diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel disorders, COPD and other chronic conditions. Randy also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Physician’s Optimal Health and Physicians Immediate Care Center.

Randy graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, UT with a bachelor’s degree in nursing science. Following work in the medical/surgical, intensive care unit at a hospital in Salt Lake City, UT and clinical nursing experience in home health, rehabilitation and administrative nursing, Randy relocated to southeastern Idaho in 2001 and commenced graduate school at Idaho State University. While completing his graduate studies, Randy worked as a nursing consultant in long-term care, an interim program director, and the director of nursing services for an inpatient psychiatric hospital. His love of learning, broad healthcare experience, clinical skill and drive to innovate make him a powerful resource for families and professionals alike.