What is Included in our Concussion Protocol?


Our concussion protocol incorporates a fresh approach for the prevention and treatment of cognitive impairment secondary to a head trauma and is highly personalized based on the needs of each individual client. It includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Functional Cognition Assessment – A multimodal approach to assessment, our evaluation process for the concussion protocol includes completion of the MoCA and ACE screeners, CNS Vital Signs (when cognitively appropriate), and RightEye device testing and training. The information we receive from these tests allows us to further understand the scope of cognitive and neurological impairment due to the head trauma and personalize the client’s plan to fit his or her specific needs.

Assignment of a Certified Memory Coach- The Memory Coach becomes the client’s and the family’s personal concierge to coordinate the array of services (advanced cognitive assessment, disclosures, informed consent, training and education, laboratory services, etc.). The Memory Coach becomes the primary point of contact regarding the concussion protocol and guides participants through a host of questions that inevitably arise between the client, the client’s PCP, the family members, and the other service providers that may participate in a client’s program

Access to the Brain Therapy Studio- The concussion protocol is a multi-modal approach to improving cognitive function. In addition to addressing nutrition, metabolic dysfunction, inflammation, sleep and stress issues, and other root causes of cognitive impairment, the protocol includes the use of various medical devices to improve cerebral blood flow, promote energy production, calm inflammation, improve balance, help with detoxification, and generally heal the brain. Participants of our concussion protocol have access to these devices up to three times per week as part of their enrollment. These therapies include red/near infrared light therapy (generalized and targeted), Live O2 oxygenation-based exercise, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, audio-visual entrainment, and infrared sauna therapy.

Concussion Protocol

What Is A Concussion?

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