Our Approach

The Enhance Protocol®

is a comprehensive, research-based, multi-modal approach to preventing and treating cognitive decline by detecting and addressing root causes. It was developed by Randy Vawdrey, NP-C, MSN, and the team at our partner company, A Mind for All Seasons. It is based on a synthesis of the research and recommendations of industry experts such as:

-Dale Bredesen, MD

-Richard Isaacson, MD

-Warren Willey, DO

-Chris Shade, PhD

-Daniel Amen, MD

-and many others leading the way in dementia research.

Two People Talking About The Enhance Protocol based off of Dr. Bredesen. Coaching services to improve memory, concussion recovery.
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The main misconception regarding cognitive decline is that there is really nothing that can be done to slow down, or even reverse the process. Here at the Maryland Center for Brain Health, we are delighted to share with you specific things you can do to go from your current level of cognitive and physical functioning to one of greater focus, clarity, well-being and confidence.


Dr. Bredesen notes that the current approach to the treatment of Alzheimer’s is like  firing a silver bullet at a 3 headed monster. You might improve your chances of survival a little bit, but it will still come after you. What is needed is a silver buckshot approach, the ability to spread out attack the enemy from multiple approaches at once.

Sucess Story

 "Lindsey, thank you for your exceptional patient care. Because of you I truly believe I was able to recover faster and more effectively. Your passion and knowledge sets you apart from all others. 

- Buddy Houston 

Early detection is key!

You can improve your brain health and lower your risk for Dementia with these easy steps:

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Upon enrolling in The Enhance Protocol®, you will receive:


Review of your comprehensive health and life history

An in depth look at past and current factors that could be contributing to your condition. We can guide you through which of these aspects are modifiable, and provide you with resources to make lasting change. 


A broad panel of blood tests and testing

Your memory coach will administer some baseline testing and a full spectrum of blood tests so we can have a better understanding of your current condition and  track your progress over time.


Medication Review

An integrative medicine review of your current medications, supplements and treatments to optimize what you already may be taking, as well as suggestions on additional supplements or medications that may prove beneficial. 


Personal Coaching

Ongoing weekly Personal Coaching to assist with putting a plan in place, making needed changes, troubleshooting barriers to success, providing resources and encouragement


Examine your personality, goals and lifestyle.

We use the insights gained through this process to write a unique Roadmap that outlines the steps you can take to move toward your goals. It will detail the specific things you can do to go from your current level of cognitive functioning to one of greater focus, clarity, well-being and confidence.


Use of our Brain Therapy devices

Red/Near Infrared Light, Infrared Sauna, and Audio-Visual Entrainment will assist you in optimizing function of your brain, and act like the "icing on the cake" to support your personal protocol.


Caregiver Support

For clients living with dementia, family training can be provided to care partners to empower them in the areas of communication, stress management and environmental modifications.


Review every 3 months

To help you continue to progress which includes re-testing of any previous labs that indicated sub-optimal levels, as well as retest with cognitive assessments. Ongoing coaching sessions as well as monitoring labs and progress.

The Roadmap Report 

Each person’s path through life is unique, so helping you improve your cognitive and physical functioning must be based on your unique situation. Upon competition of your specialized labwork, your individualized Roadmap Report is created for you by our medical director, Randy Vawdrey. This highly personalized evaluation of your brain health will give you valuable insight into which of the various cognitive categories (as detailed by Dr. Bredesen) are contributing to your symptoms of cognitive decline. The Roadmap Report offers comprehensive, custom-made interventions to specially address those characteristics that are driving your symptoms. Think of it like the user manual to your body.


The report includes a 3-month plan for nutritional education, lifestyle counseling, and hormone, and nutrient optimization. Think of your progress as if you are climbing a mountain and must pause regularly to look to the horizon and make needed course corrections. Every three months we will re-check areas we have been working on, update your Roadmap and prepare a new daily checklist to help you continue to progress.


They always say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same is true for improving brain health. Cognitive changes begin occurring 10-20 years before someone may receive an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.  Quality progress takes time to undo years of decline, but the greatest journeys often start with just a single step.


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