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Post-Concussion Syndrome

Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) occurs when you experiences persistent symptoms three months or more after a head injury. It can develop after a mild, moderate, or severe brain injury. It can also come from brain traumas like carbon monoxide poisoning, transient ischemic attack (TIA), chemical exposure, certain viral or bacterial illnesses, surgery, and more.

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Post-concussion symptoms stem primarily from dysfunctional neurovascular coupling (NVC), which is the relationship between neurons and the blood vessels that supply them. Affected cells may not be able to get enough oxygen to complete the tasks they are responsible for, like encoding a new memory or reading a book. Sometimes other neurons try to pick up the slack, but they may or may not succeed.

The result are hypoactive brain regions that don’t do their fair share of the work and hyperactive brain regions that either use more resources than they should to get things done or just do more work than they should. This tires your brain out, leading to headaches, feeling overwhelmed, irritability, and other symptoms.

A concussion may also result in autonomic nervous system dysfunction (dysautonomia) and hormone dysfunction. You can read more about those complications via the provided hyperlinks. Dysautonomia and hormone imbalances can produce many of the long-lasting symptoms characteristic of post-concussion syndrome.

Post-concussion symptoms can last for weeks, months, or even years after the concussive event. In general, if your symptoms have not gone away after three months, it’s a good idea to explore treatment options.

You Can Heal Your Brain

Many people experience  post-concussion symptoms that do not resolve on their own. Know that you are not alone. Client on our protocol have found profound, lasting relief from their symptoms.  While we cannot guarantee full recovery, we can vastly improve your odds of recovering your previous life. With perseverance, hard work, and precision medicine, it is possible to overcome your brain injury.