Not in Maryland? We offer all aspects of our Enhance Protocol and coaching services virtually!

Don't let distance stop you from having the life you deserve!​

Virtual Services

Person dealing with brain fog looking to improve memory

Dealing with brain fog from COVID-19?

Virtual services to help improve memory and help with cognitive decline

Simple Payment Options

In order to provide you with the best quality care, we do not currently accept insurance.  We want clients to have the piece of mind that they can  to pick up the phone and call for help any time they need it without worrying what the call will cost.  Aside from the Enhance Protocol which is all encompassing, we do not have set package rates. Since everyone has different needs, and none of our brains are the same, we want to be demonstrate precise and personalized interventions to every client. That’s why we charge flat rates for different service packages. We have convenient options that provide unlimited access to our services for a specified amount of time.